Typhoon Ondoy struck Philippines

Last September 26, 2009, Philippines, majorly in Manila erea, was struck by typhoon Ondoy which left more than a 100 casualties, and thousands homeless. Some photos can be seen in http://ondoy.tumblr.com. For more details on the typhoon and info on how to help, visit http://www.typhoonondoy.org/

Help victims of typhoon Ondoy.
Pls donate to the Red Cross.
For Smart, please text RED <10,25,50, or 100> to 4483.
For Globe subs, please text RED <5,25,50,100 or 300> to 2899.


Viewing the Contents of a JAR File

If you want to see the contents of a jarfile, the most basiccommand is:

jar tf jar-file

t option indicates you want to vie the "table of contents" of a JAR file.
f option indicates the JAR File you want to process.


jar tf TicTacToe.jar

would output:
if we want additional information to be displayed (eg. creation date/time), add the v option, 
hence, above output will become:

 256 Mon Apr 20 10:50:28 PDT 1998 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
3885 Mon Apr 20 10:49:50 PDT 1998 TicTacToe.class
   0 Wed Apr 15 16:39:32 PDT 1998 audio/
4032 Wed Apr 15 16:39:32 PDT 1998 audio/beep.au
2566 Wed Apr 15 16:39:32 PDT 1998 audio/ding.au
6558 Wed Apr 15 16:39:32 PDT 1998 audio/return.au
7834 Wed Apr 15 16:39:32 PDT 1998 audio/yahoo1.au
7463 Wed Apr 15 16:39:32 PDT 1998 audio/yahoo2.au
   0 Wed Apr 15 16:39:44 PDT 1998 images/
 157 Wed Apr 15 16:39:44 PDT 1998 images/cross.gif
 158 Wed Apr 15 16:39:44 PDT 1998 images/not.gif

Hide/Show Gnome Desktop Icons

Before we proceed, you have to install the gconf-editor package.

On an Ubuntu box:

$sudo aptitude install -P gconf-editor

On a RedHat/CentOS/Fedora box:

$sudo yum install gconf-editor

Go to Applications->System Tools->Configuration Editor. In the Configuration Editor window, navigate through the tree to /apps/nautilus/preferences and check (or uncheck) the show desktop option. This will show (checked) or hide (unchecked) desktop icons.

Source: http://edivad.wordpress.com/2007/03/19/gnome-hide-desktop-icons/