Using JAR- the Java Archive Tool

The jar tool is used in combining multiple files into one JAR file. JAR is a general-purpose archiving and compression tool, based from ZIP and Zlib compression format, but is designed mainly to facilitate the packaging of java applets or applications into a single archive.

Typical usage of jar is:

Within the directory of your classes, run:

% jar cf myArchive.jar *.class

This creates a new JAR file named myArchive.jar containing all your classes

If you have an existing Manifest file whose name: value pairs you want the jar tool to include for the new jar archive, you can specify it using the m option:

% jar cmf myManifestFile myArchive.jar *.class

To extract JAR Files, you command x:

% jar xf myArchive.jar

However, if you need to extract specific files, supply their filenames as argument/s:

% jar xf myArchive.jar foo1 foo2 bar1 bar2



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