Draw Text in Center of a Component in Java

Here is how you draw a String inside a Java Component based on it’s height and width:

String s;
int width, height;
Graphics g;

FontMetrics fm = getFontMetrics(ftDefault);
Rectangle2D textsize = fm.getStringBounds(s, g);
int xPos = (width - textsize.getWidth()) / 2;
int yPos = (height - textsize.getHeight()) / 2 + fm.getAscent();

g.drawString(s, xPos, yPos);

Hiding JTable Grid Lines

I’ve been using JTable on most of my projects and sometimes, there is a need to hide the grid lines. Grid lines are the visible horizontal and vertical lines in a table which clearly display the cells of each row and column. At first, I thought that settings the setShowGrid() property to false will do the trick, but doesn’t really. One property that is needed to be adjusted as well is the setIntercellSpacing(). Here is what you need to set:

table.setIntercellSpacing(new Dimension(0, 0));

Adding Custom Fonts on your Swing Application

Just a while ago I was doing a Java Module, which, based from the mock-up screen, uses a Custom font. I realized that I needed to put this in because many times I might be using this solution, here is goes.

InputStream is = ThisClass.class.getResourceAsStream("/fonts/CaviarDreams.ttf");
Font myfont = Font.createFont(Font.TRUETYPE_FONT, is);

the font that you have loaded has no initial settings on it, so:

myfont = myfont.deriveFont(36.0f);

BTW, I put the TTF Font inside the resources file of my Java Project.

Returning records from previous months to current month

I was into this issue wherein I had to query for some records from the previous 3 months on MySQL. After some searching (I chose to search for existing answers first before using my brain to process such logic :D), here is what I was able to come up with:

select * from attendance where MONTH(attendance_date) >= MONTH(CURDATE()-INTERVAL 3 MONTH);

on the part were I have to state 3 as an interval, you can change it to how many months you would want to cover.

It’s 2014

2013 has passed, now its 2014, and what do you know, I wasn’t even able to post a single post here last year. It was such a busy year here at the office. Having been into several company projects (Software Development of course), I was able to improve my coding skills. Much cleaner, and well thought of, unlike during my first years in Java.

Anyways, I decided to keep this blog site alive. So from time to time, I will be posting things like, new things I have learned, some interesting topics I have seen on the web, other off topic discussions not relation to Linux or Software Development, and more.